I've always known I wanted to be a mom and when I pictured motherhood with toddlers it was very Mary Poppins-esque (that didn't fully pan out and I adjusted). When I pictured being a mom of older kids, I imagined:
  1. Building strong bonds with my kids so that they don't think twice about spending time with me as adults
  2. A big family with ridiculously fun & playful reunions.

My kids aren't grown, I'm learning as I go, and sharing with you along the way as I lay the foundation for these two ideas.

If you're a  frugal girl who enjoys shopping, but wants THE BEST deal, loves the idea of helping out in the classroom, lives for good food/easy recipes, and prioritizes family over everything, we are going to get along great!

Eric (my husband) and my kids (Reagan and Derek) are my whole word. And I am always looking for ways to connect with them while still being practical.

I also learned way too late in life just how important girl friends are, but I have made some close friends who I hang out with regularly and let me tell ya, it is a game changer. 

Getting to talk with you is the highlight of my day and I am so grateful for you. So be sure to say hi on Instagram or Tik Tok.

but how do I nurture close relationships with my kids...



I started doing activities with 2 minutes of prep or less with Derek - Preschool Playbook was created


Date nights, game nights, & simple recipes became my way of connecting with my people & now that's what we do here.


Both my kids started full time school and preschool activities didn't make sense anymore


I was burnt out from overly involved preschool activities and needed a change


Started doing preschool activities at home with my daughter and sharing on the blog

how this whole blog thing started


by emily lawson