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This list consists of over 25 baking with kids recipes. Have you ever searched Pinterest for recipes for kids to make? A ton of adorable recipes show up and you get super excited about all the cute, inviting foods you are planning to make with your kids. Did you notice that most of those recipes are RIDICULOUSLY cute and have tons of intracate pieces and steps. In fact the more you look at those adorable meals, the more you realize that your kid cannot infact make their own PopTart nor is it realitic for them to slice a bunch of fruit into an ocean scene.

This list is a list of recipes that your child can actually cook with you or maybe even independently. The results may not be Pinterest perfect but they will be delicious.

Before you grab a few recipes to try with your kids, check out some of my favorite tips for having kids in the kitchen.

Baking with Kids Recipes


Mickey Mouse Cinnamon RollsThis Bliss Life These are 100% kid friendly as they use pre-made canned cinnamon rolls.

Banana PancakesKitchen Frau The griddle is a great way to introduce heat for the first time.

Oatmeal CookiesCooking Journey Blog These look like cookies, but the ingredients are definetly breakfast worthy.



Campfire Breadsticks Vegan on Board Bread can be intimidating, but it is actually very simple. This can even be made while camping.

Naan Flatbread PizzaXOXO Erin Smith DIY pizza is always a hit

QuesadillasHigh Chair Chronicles Quesadillas are always a childhood favorite and kids are definitely capable of assembling them. Older kids can even try cooking them.

Chicken SaladBabaganosh Chicken salad sounds ambitious but this one only requires mixing 3 ingredients.

Cheese BunsPomagranate Mom These cheese filled puffed pastries sound amazing. Store bough pastry dough is a favorite ingredient when baking with kids.

Pizza MuffinsSaving Talents Pizza bites can easily allow you to customized each bite with the toppings of their choice.



Cereal BarsKitchen Frau Cheerios and peanut butter are a guaranteed win in my book. This recipe uses heat on stove top but you can easily put those ingredient in the microwave like you would for Rice Krispie Treats.

Strawberry Banana BreadFun Learning Life If you try this recipe with young kids or kids who are new to the kitchen, I recommend you practice mes in place. You can learn more about mes in place in this blog post.

SalsaSimply Full of Delight Your kids can 100% make this delicious salsa

Monster Cookie BitesArtsy Fartsy Mama This is a delicious twist on a protein bite that your kids will love. No baking involved just mixing and scooping.

Pretzels in a BagHousing a Forest Bread in a bag/Homemade bread is a favorite of mine so I am thrilled to try pretzels in a bag.



Chocolate Pretzel BitesSandbox Academy This is one of my favorite recipes for cooking with kids cause it hardly counts as cooking, this is a kid’s recipe that is mostly assembly.

Mini Reese’s PieWell If She Can Do It These no bake pies require mixing and pouring, even our youngest bakers can help.

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter CookiesWell If She Can Do It While this recipe is “from scratch” it is definitely simple enough for your kids to make.

Funfetti Cake Mix CookiesSavor + Savy Cake mix cookies have always been a favorite of mine and I always love using boxed mixes as a starting point when baking with kids.

Ice Cream In a BagThe Denver Housewife The kids always love the novelty of making ice cream in a bag.

Mini Cherry PiesLife Begins with Dessert Holy freaking cuteness, these mini pies are adorable, your kids will love them and it uses all store-bought ingredients.

Chocolate Dipped TreatsGrowing Play Your kids will love these chocolate dipped crackers and marshmallows.

White Chocolate Rice CerealSimplify Create Inspire This is a cross between Rice Krispie Treats and Muddy Buddies. Your kids will practice mixing, scooping, and pouring with this recipe.

Cupcake Puppy ChowArtsy Fartsy Mama Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow is one of my favorites, this is a cake batter spin on that classic. This is a great recipe to introduce your kids to cooking without a mix.

Chocolate Dipped Animal CrackersThe Art Kit Blog These are exactly what they sounds like and perfectly simple to make with very little effort.


Baking with kids is a fun way to connect and teach our kids valuable skills. Finding the right recipes to get started is a important step so that cooking with your kids is managable instead of making you sweat. Let me know in the comments any other recipes you have tried successfully with your kids.



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