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We are looking for the best dry shampoo. If you are new here on Sunday’s in my stories we play a game called Poll the People. This is where you put any question you want in the question box and then I ask the community. In the end we have a community of women helping each other and sharing all of our best tips.

This week we are talking all about dry shampoos. I am going to rank them based on most recommended. And then I will share Amazon ratings and price.

All of these products are linked with an affiliate link meaning I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.


The first person to recommend this dry shampoo was actually a family friend whose opinion I really respect and admire, so this is the first one I am going to try. It is also by far the most recommended dry shampoo by the community and has nearly 10K reviews on amazon.

Not Your Mother’s

Not Your Mother’s sells 3 different types (Clean Freak, Plump For Joy, Beach Waves) and they were fairly equally recommended. Full disclosure, I have this brand and I am not a fan and will not buy again, but it was the second most recommended by the community and has over 15K reviews on Amazon, so maybe it is a me thing and not a brand thing. You have to buy a 4 pack on Amazon (that’s commitment) but if you just want to try it out, Walmart has it for under $7.

Living Proof

This is the dry shampoo that every influencer on the planet talks about and I am always weary of that, plus it’s price point is higher. There are 7k reviews on Amazon. You do get 9.9 oz vs the other brands 5 or 7 oz. And you can find good sales (as I am typing this it is on sale for $25 at Walmart).


Monat is an MLM which makes me want to barf. I by and large stay away from MLMs (sorry to all of you who love them, I find them very predatory) but sometimes they make good products with a gross business structure. You can find it on Amazon. There are 230 reviews on Amazon and 94 on their website. So while it has high reviews, there are not a lot and in my critical opinion those 350 people likely all sell it. Plus, your purchase will likely come with some insulting “hey girl I noticed your hair looking greasy” DMs.


This is my personal favorite, the only reason why I didn’t reorder it is because I cheaped out and was hoping to find a less expensive alternative. It is 3.2 oz for $20 at Walmart making it more than Living Proof per oz.


There are over 15k reviews on Amazon and multiple women recommended it in Poll the People. It is talc free and is about mid range in price per oz.

The remaining dry shampoos where only recommended once or twice. I am still going to list them but I want you to know that they are not at highly recommended.

Your dry shampoo recommendations did not disappoint. Personally, my next order of dry shampoo will be Batiste and if I don’t love that I’m trying Living Proof. Let me know what you use and love.

I am so grateful for this community and your recommendations. I learn so much from you and I have found some of the best products because of you. I truly love you.

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