Girl’s Night In- DIY Stoney Clover Dupes

You are going to love this girl’s night in especially if you love the look of Stoney Clover bags but need a dupe for your budget.

I have been doing these crafty girl’s nights with my daughter but I am thinking it would be fun to invite friends and their daughters too.

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@byemilylawson DIY: Stoney Clover dupe travel bag and pouches. These are perfect for traveling and made such a fun diy girl’s night with my daughter. I got my supplies from Amazon and hobby lobby. #toiletriesorganizer #travelbag #travelbags #stoneyclover #stoneycloverdupe #dupe #dupes #makeupbag #honbylobby #patchsticker #carryon #amazon #hobbylobby #girlsnightin #girlsnight #motherdaughter #girlsnightideas #motherdaughtergoals ♬ original sound – Emily | date nights + family



Reagan and I used the weekender bag and the two clear bags and it has worked great. I also used a pleather travel cosmetic bag and it was okay but I wouldn’t recommend it. It doesn’t stick as well.


We used a mix of the patches below and patches from Hobby Lobby. There are so many cute and fun ones here. I have the pearl ones and I am impressed with how well they are made.

You can also buy phrases like stuff, snacks, OMG, and junk at Hobby Lobby. If you are going to spell out common words like that, these are nice because they are a little cheaper than buying the individual letters.

Iron & Cloth

Even if you are buying stick on patches, you are going to need to use heat to seal it in. (Speaking from experience) Grab a thin towel and place it over your design. Use an iron on top of the towel and hold for 90 seconds to heat up the patch and create a strong seal. I have a heat press but I do not think that is necessary to be successful.


A few tips to make this successful.

I like to over buy supplies and return what you don’t use. As our creativity flowed so did our ideas so having options with the patches was really helpful.

Map out your design with the back still on the patches. Both of us planned to put our name on our weekender bags, but neither of our names fit.

If using letters, put the middle letter in the word down first and build out to keep it centered. For example, Emily, put the I down first in the center and place the m and l to the left and right of it, then the e & y.

Heat is a must. We used the stick on letters hoping to avoid the heat, but they were falling off immediately. As soon as I used my heat press on it, they were secure.

Have fun with this! I would love to see pictures of your girl’s night with your girlfriends, your daughter, or just you & your DIY.

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