Minute to Win It Game Night

Minute to Win It style games are easy to set up and fun for the whole family.

We started doing game night with our kids to spend more quality play time with them each week. These are a few of the Minute to Win It style games we have played.

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@byemilylawson Family game night is our newest tradition and i am loving it. I told eric the other day that this is what we dreamed of. All those years we dreamed of the days we would hang out as a family watching movies and playing games together and now we have that. #familygamenights #simplefamilytradition #easyfamilytraditions #familynightfun #familynightin ♬ original sound – Emily | date nights + family

Cup Games

We have played a few different versions of cup games over the years. You can play quite a few different games with an $8 bag of cups. Here are some of our favorites.

@byemilylawson These were so fun! You have to try them and give us more ideas to try next time. #cupgames #familygame #familygamenight #familytime #familybonding #simplefamilytradition #familytradition #saturdaynightvibes #familytraditions #familytimeideas ♬ original sound – Emily | date nights + family

Knock Down – Fastest one to knock down all the cups with one hand wins

TP Roll – Put a cup on the end of the toilet paper. Fastest person to roll all the toilet paper up without knocking the cup off wins

Head Shoulders Knees Cup – Just like Simon Says but when the caller shouts cup, first person to grab it wins

Tic Tac Toe – Like regular Tic Tac Toe, but we aren’t taking turns and you can remove a piece instead of playing one

@byemilylawson D dominated in our game night! I thought i beat him with the last one but video footage says that was a lie 🤪 Let me know if you try these and tag me any time you see new ideas 💜 #gamenightideas #gamenightfun #minutetowinit #minutetowinitgames #familygamenightchallenge ♬ Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

Ping Pong Bounce – Bounce a ping pong ball into a cup (adults play a round of flip cup first to make it fair)

Spoon Slam – Stack a spoon on top of another spoon. Slam your hand on the bottom spoon and make the top spoon fly. Land the top spoon in the cup to win.

Ping Pong Blow – Fill a cup with water and place a ping pong ball on the water. Place another cup right next tot he first cup. Blow the ping pong ball from one cup to the next.

@byemilylawson Double tap if you were rooting for D. Share this with the person you want to go up against in a nerf battle. #nerfgun #nerfwar #familynightproject #familytime #motherandson #familygames #gamenightfun #nerfornothing ♬ Radio – Lana Del Rey

Grab some nerf guns and see who can shoot the most targets. In my experience the simpler the Nerf Gun the better.

@byemilylawson Save this game for your next game night! #cupgamechallenge #cupgame #familygamesnight #familygames #minutetowinit #familynight #familynightideas #gamenightidea ♬ Originalton – Bassfahrer

Whoever can stack the most cups in their hand wins.

If Minute to Win It games aren’t your thing, try some board games.

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