Mother’s Day Gift Guide

When it comes to Mother’s Day Gifts, I am firm believer that you have to ask for what you want. Most of us married good men who genuinely want to make us happy. And us as women tend to want our husband’s to become mind readers when Mother’s Day approaches. If you want a spa treatment or brunch at a specific restaurant, tell him instead of getting upset when he BBQ’s for dinner.

And to the few men who are reading this, here is exactly what she wants. Make plans. Call and book a reservation for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And take care of the kids 100%. Get them ready in picture worthy outfits (maybe even check to see if she has an outfit in mind), pack the diaper bag and all the kid’s stuff. Set the day up so that all she has to do is take care of herself. Everything that is normally on her to do list, will be on yours for the day.

Now if you are looking for some inspiration to gift the other moms in your life here are a few of my favorite ideas.

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Highly Requested Gifts

I asked on Instagram what you want for Mother’s Day and the best gift you have received or given and the majority of the gifts were experiences.

  • Annual pass to the zoo or aquarium
  • A night alone in a hotel room with room service
  • Massage
  • Family pictures (get them printed on canvases )
  • Professional house cleaning
  • Girl’s weekend with childhood friend or bestie
  • Mommy & me photoshoot
  • Car detailing
  • Half day of napping & half day of brunch, family, & sunshine
  • Sleep in
  • Husband takes over all meals for the weekend

All Time Favorites

The best Mother’s Day Gift I gave my mom is the set of custom floral brith month prints.

I got my mom 3 floral birth month prints

  • represent the family she was born into – her, her parents and her brothers
  • represent the family she created – her, my dad, and her kids
  • represent her grandkids and in laws

I love that these look like artwork but are super personal. (I did not include wording in my mom’s prints)

I think these color birth flower prints are beautiful.

I bought my mom and my father in law’s girlfriend black and white prints. I feel like they look more like art and a little less Shutterfly.

You can have these framed. How stunning are these!

Or Canvas Prints would be absolutely gorgeous too.


Fingerprint Necklace – How special is this necklace with your kids fingerprint. It is beautiful and subtle for personalized jewelry.

Birth Month Necklaces – Another way to incorporate birth months. The personalization is subtle which is my favorite. And they are just stunning.

Charm Necklaces – Chunky charm necklaces are back in style and I have to say while I’m normally a dainty and subtle kind of girl, they are so fun. Again this is another way to personalize your gift with while staying classy and trendy.

Permanent Friendship Bracelets – Find someone local and getting matching friendship bracelets with your mom. This is such a sweet way to bond and it is a little more unique.


Garden Flowers – A few women shared that Mother’s Day is when they start their garden and plant flowers in their flower beds.

Bouquets – And you can never go wrong with sending someone a bouquet of flowers


Storyworth– This is a great option if you are wanting to know more about the women who raised you. This makes a beautiful grandma gift. You purchase an online subscription and they send the recipient an email each week asking them a specific question about their life. The recipient can also add photos. At the end of a year you get all the stories bound in a book and sent to you.

I Want to Hear Your Story Journal – This is the same idea as Storyworth but in a journal and way more affordable.

A Few More Options She Will Love

  • Leather Tote – This bag is high quality leather and is a timeless staple. If it is in your budget, go for the Madewell bag. It is built to last.
  • You Got This Devotional – I gave this to my FIL’s girlfriend for Christmas 2 years ago and she cried reading it.
  • Mother Daughter Journal – Such a sweet way to stay connected with your daughter and strengthen that relationship as she goes through hard things that she may not be able to say out loud quite yet.
  • Photo Printer – Turn any iPhone or Android photo into a polaroid! Such a fun gift and a great way to get those pictures off your phone.
  • Ember Mug – No more cold coffee! It heats your coffee, but knows to shut off when empty or not in use for 2 hours. And it turns back on when it senses movement or liquid.
  • Chunky Gold Hoops – I love a hoop earring and right now chunky gold jewlery is very in.
  • Tripod – EVERY MOM NEEDS A TRIPOD! I don’t care that you are not an influencer. My tripod allows me to set up my camera during Gingerbread House decorating, Game Night, Daddy Daughter Dance Prep and I get to be IN the memories. Moms are usually creating the memories and behind the camera. Allow them to be in the picture with a tripod.
  • Confidence Devotional – This devotional is beautifully made and increidbly thoughtful
  • The Denner Wallet – This one is on my list of items that I want. It is small, functional, and so cute. It holds everything you need but none of the extra that just weighs you down. And every detail was thought out
  • Black Bag – Such a beautiful bag!
  • Bath Tray – Eric got this for me last year and I LOVE it. It makes the bath tub look pretty, it has a nook for your book, wine glass, and a candle or body scrub. If you get this, you also want to grab a bath pillow for your neck.
  • Hair Wrap – This is on a wishlist for me too. I dream of a beautiful flowy blowout that I did myself.
  • Tennis Bracelet – It’s fake, but dang it is pretty and the look is close enough if you ask me.
  • Kindle – The amount of you who are readers who want a kindle! Ahhh I love it.
    • If the mom in your life is a hard copy kind of girl, I love this book embosser for the books in their library
  • Crossbody Bag – One of you specifically requested this bag. I think it is super cute!
  • Packing Cubes – I have been itching to get some packing cubes! These are a steal of a price with amazing reviews
  • Headphones – I am not a fancy headphones girl, I lose them way to easily. These are perfect. I have them and LOVE them. 80K reviews & 5 stars ABSOLUTELY
  • Tennis Shoes – I desperately need new workout shoes and these are at the top of my list
  • Heatless Curling Set – Waking up with perfectly curled hair (even if it means you sleep with the narwhal horn) is a huge time saver
  • Weekender Bag – I have one, Reagan has one and we are OBSESSED. It is heavy duty. I have traveled with it several times now and it is durable, cute, and I love the little pocket to slide it right over wheeling suitcase and the shoe compartment.

Full disclaimer – Nuuds is my favorite luxury brand for basics. It is what my mom and I gift each other for every occasion. Four of the eight items here are Nuuds.

  • Muscle Tee – This top is so flattering and perfect for summer. The way it hits your shoulders will cover any insecurities but still keep you cool during summer
  • Everyday Tee – If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am doing a white tee shirt contest. I have been testing out a white tee from Target, Old Navy, and Nuuds. This is the Nuuds one and let me just say, investing in your basics is a game changer for your confidence!
  • Off The Shoulder Tee – Another Nuuds top. It is gorgeous on you, the off the shoulder is just a little flirty and sexy but you can still wear a normal bra.
  • Workout Tank – I love this top. It is supportive enough for a Hot Mom Walk or arm day (I wouldn’t do heavy cardio in it). It is also cute with high waisted shorts or jeans for a cute flirty look without being too revealing.
  • Shorts & Short Sleeve Pajamas – Luxury jammies! These are also from Nuuds. My mom has them and LOVES them. I text her to make sure they were worth it and they got the mom seal of approval.
  • Brown Skort – I am wearing this as I type this. I absolutely love it. So cute and flattering on all bodies.
  • Tank Top Pajama Set – I got this set for my friend before her surgery. She text me after surgery and let me know that they were SO COMFY!
  • Black Skort – Love this little skirt. The slits add just enough to make it feel flirty, but it is still PTA appropriate.

To the moms reading this, I want to be sure to tell you HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! You are truly amazing and I am so grateful to be even the smallest part of your day.

Let me know the best mother’s day gift you have ever gotten or given.


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