Transportation Books for Preschoolers


The transportation books for preschoolers that we love are going to be favorites in your house too.

How to Train a Train

This is definitely my favorite of all the books this month! It is a sweet book about a child adopting a pet train and training him to be the very best! The washed out neutral illustrations give the book a nostalgic quality that will absolutely leave you wanting an old fashioned train ride. (It seriously made me want to buy tickets to our local Polar Express ride this Christmas season).

Truck Town Race from A-Z

Trucks, ABC’s, and alliteration galore! I love this book because it is a classic ABC book that introduces your prescxhooler to all the letters! But this book does the ABCs better than most because it still has a story line! And if you have an older child who is learning about figurative language, the alliteration is on point!

Sheep in Jeep

Sheep in Jeep is a fun, whimsical book. The text is sing songy and rhymes. Your preschooler will love the pictures and so will you. It is simply written and easy to follow.

Toy Boat

Such a sweet book! Toy Boat is about a little boat made out of a can, but when a storm comes in the boy forgets his boat in the water and the wind takes it away. This book is enjoyable for all, but our 4-5 year olds will love it most. I take that back, YOU may love it most because it has nostalgia written all over it!

Red Truck

Red Truck is perfect for our young preschoolers! It is a very simply written book about a red tow truck who saves the day. D loves this one and requests it frequently. I think he likes the big bright pictures and the rhythm of the text. It is part of a series which includes Yellow Copter and Blue Boat.

If I Built a Car

If I Built a Car is a fun book with brightly colored pictures and filled with imagination. The little boy builds the car of his dreams. Show your preschooler your excitement when the car has a button just for snacks and marvel with them as the car takes off into the sky.

Transportation Books

Let me know what you think of these books and if you have any book recommendations about trains, planes, and cars leave them in the comments.


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