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hey there!

I'm Emily

I'm so glad you are here. The community that we've built over the last couple years is unmatched. You truly are the kindest women and I love spending my days with you.

If you don't know, I'm a mom of two (Reagan & Derek), married to my high school sweetheart (Eric) and loving life in East Tennessee.

I love all the cute foods, fun activities, and family traditions. And I'm a practical mom. So if you see me sharing one of those, know that my house is a dumpster fire & the laundry isn't done. 

current Favorites

current Favorites

the playbooks

Keep little hands and minds engaged! The playbook features 42-weeks of preschool activities.

Create family traditions that last over time with family activities, game night ideas, realistic dinners, snack recipes, and date nights.


by emily lawson