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Lord knows I am not a beauty and make up girl, but one of you asked on Poll the People for the best concealer so I I decided to try a bunch of concealers and give you my honest opinion on them all.

If you’re new here, Poll the People is the game we play on Sundays in my Instagram stories where you can ask any question and the community will answer. Mostly it is this or that type questions, but occasionally we get open answer questions and I share the results.

If you watched my stories, the first day that all the concealers arrived, you know that I had no understanding of what I was doing. I put way too much concealer on, and I used it all over my face. It was so bad I looked like a straight up clown. 

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Concealer Tips

You guys were so kind and gave me so many tips of how to make it better. And we all came to the conclusion that if I can figure this out, anybody will be able to figure out how to use concealer. 

  • Moisturize first and use a good eye cream 
  • If you want full coverage, use the products in this order; moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, concealer 
  • Foundation and concealer are two different products and concealer is really just meant to cover up what foundation missed 
  • If you’re not wanting full coverage, you can skip the foundation, but we’re still going minimal on the concealer. A little under your eyes goes along way 
  • Despite every single advertisement online showing them checking the color to your forearm, you really want to check the color to the palm of your hand because it’s closer to your face

Concealer Reviews

With that in mind, here are the concealers that I bought and tried.

e.l.f. 16HR Camo Concealer

This is the one I used the first time that went horribly wrong. Admittedly that was mostly user error. However, I tried again after using your advice above and it is still super cakey. Definitely not a good look. I wanted to like it, but no go.


4.5 stars on Target and 10K reviews

NYX Bare With Me

This one was okay. It isn’t super cakey like the elf one, but it also was noticeable that I was wearing make up vs giving the appearance that I have flawless skin. It’s not bad, but it wasn’t my favorite.


4.4 stars on Target 10K reviews

Crunchi My Alibi

A girlfriend of mine sent this to me when she saw I was doing this experiment. She is a Crunchi consultant. It is another good but not great. However, it is a clean beauty brand, so if that is important to you it is definitely worth trying.


4.5 stars 12 reviews

Joah Hydrating Serum Concealer

Loved this one. It blended so nicely and didn’t crease.


4 stars on Amazon 2K reviews

elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter

This one is my FAVE! It blends beautifully, doesn’t crease, gives a glowy, dewy look and every time I wear it, I am complemented on my makeup. It is lightweight and you barely feel like you are wearing anything.


5 stars on Target 9K reviews

More Concealer Recommendations

I decided about half way through this process that I really don’t like wearing concealer all that often. It really has an effect on my self-esteem. So here are the rest of the concealer recommendations from the community.

Your concealer recommendations did not disappoint. Let me know what you use and love. And if you are like me and constantly look to other for beauty recommendations, check out this dry shampoo review.

I am so grateful for this community and your recommendations. I learn so much from you and I have found some of the best products because of you. I truly love you.

Join the fun on Sundays on my Instagram stories to play Poll the People.


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